Corporate Culture

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Enterprise based on purpose

materials are expensive, they dare not reduce the quality. Although

is tedious to make, I dare not save labor

Business philosophy

Honesty is seen by no one, but God knows it;

Raw materials purchase five do not

is not a product. Do not use

product ingredients without instructions; No products sold by

two channels;

Products without more than five years of production experience are not required;

Products that have not passed the safety inspection are not required;

Selection/employment of cadres five do not use

Those who are greedy for money do not need it;

Those who are greedy for fame do not need it;

Lazy scholars do not need it;

No innovators do not need it;

Short-sighted people do not need it;

Staff recruitment five don't

Those who do not honor their parents do not;

Unfaithful friends do not;

Don't be rude to others;

Don't be reputable;

Don't be benevolent;

Etiquette norms

meet to smile and say: hello!

Speak kindly and treat others politely.

Be sincere in doing things and honest in being